Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heaven on Earth

This morning I went to Heaven. The sun danced on the waves, pleasantly blinding me with sparkles and shimmers. The beach was flat—the ocean was flat—and the surf was a surfer’s paradise. There was a barely perceptible mist that softened the light. The water was a greenish turquoise hue, punctuated by white frothy spray as the gorgeous waves tumbled in, row by row.

I’m sure more than one of the lucky surfers out there had called in sick this morning. Clearly they’d rather be in Heaven too. What a lovely place, Heaven. A pod of dolphins surfaced along the coast just yards in front of me playing and jumping in the surf. Babies leapt into the air with glee. My heart leapt with them. They contentedly swam slowly South, at a pace I could easily follow as I walked. Their bodies glistened in the sunlight, slick and perfect. I watched a paddle boarder make his way closer to them. "I’d love to be that paddle boarder right now…"

I was so happy. Yes, everyone, everything was happy to be in Heaven this morning. The gulls were happy, the people were happy. The speed-walking elderly man was very happy. We’re free, I thought. All of us. Free to enjoy the beauty that Heaven so generously gives us everyday. I’ve been to Heaven many, many times before thinking it was indeed a lovely place, but not necessarily knowing where I was. Today I recognized it for what it is. I’m so grateful it’s only two miles from my home. Where’s your Heaven?